Whats Tracker App – how to check who viewed my whatsapp profile in phone

Don’t you have much curiosity to know who’s looking at your WhatsApp profile. But we’re going to look today to find out who’s visiting your WhatsApp profile pick.

Install this app or you can understand who is visiting your WhatsApp profile. Do as you see in this video after you install this app.




Open that app after installing this app from play store. Now the app has customers at about 1m+ above. After installing this application, accept the tension conditions you have shown in it. Then give me the phone number and your details that are more than your WhatsApp.

After giving all this, you can see three main tapes on that screen. After that you will be able to see the number of people who have taken your profile and the profile pick. This kind of thing can be understood only after this application is installed.


Download App


What are the most important features of whats tracker?

  • Direct chat
  • profile visitor
  • search profile
  • Restore deleted message
  • staus saver
  • Theme
  • Clean interface
  • share
  • This way you can easily find people who have visited your WhatsApp profile.