Grave Dangers of Non-Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Organic food can be expensive and certainly fashionable. But are there dangers when eating non-organic (conventional) food? Absolutely.

People who choose organic foods tend to be healthier overall and eat healthier, possibly because consciously choosing organic products makes them more aware of their health.

Conventional manufacturers say that organic food consumers only follow a trend and do not have enough education to trust the FDA and manufacturers to protect them.

Here are five reasons why you should choose organic. Anti-Vaxxers may only want to rethink their attitudes when they read them. Number one is shocking on many levels, from doctors to politicians. And the numbers three and four were depressing (and explained a lot!).

Pesticides cause autism

Pesticides are associated with cognitive development problems. A common pesticide, chlorpyrifos, is used in conventional U.S. crops. USA The residue is found in corn, nectarines, peaches, cucumbers, almonds, oranges, bananas and apples. Exposure to chlorpyrifos is related to autism and ADHD.

It is so dangerous that it was banned for domestic use in 2000 and for agricultural use in 2016. In 2017, the Trump administration lifted the ban. Although the federal courts enforced the ban in 2018, it will apply until at least 2023.

Conventional foods cause cancer

People who eat organic foods have a significantly reduced risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Why? Maybe because people who eat organic food generally have a healthier diet. Or maybe because conventionally produced foods use antibiotics and growth hormones in meat and are often full of additives that are known to be carcinogenic.

The FDA supposedly regulates food additives. However, they are under pressure to flow through additives that may later prove harmful. Many countries prohibit carcinogenic additives that the FDA still permits.

Conventional food makes you fat

People who eat organic foods have a smaller increase in BMI over time than people who do not eat organic foods.

These results may be due to the fact that people who eat organic foods generally have a healthier diet. Or possibly because of all the pesticides, heavy metals, trans fats, growth hormones and other additives that are found in conventional foods.

Switching your diet from conventional to organic can help you lose weight. Again, the exact why is unclear, but the effect is!

Conventional food makes you sick

When 62,000 people were asked about their health and diet, people who ate most organic foods had a lower incidence of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.

Conventional foods contain trans fats that are associated with all of these conditions. Despite the ban on trans fats from 2018, you should check out the grocery stores – trans fats are lurking everywhere. Organic foods contain natural trans fats, but they are much less dangerous than the conventional variety.

Conventional foods = health problems

Traditional food manufacturers argue that pesticides are not a problem since even organic products use pesticides. Instead, the researchers found that switching children from a conventionally grown product to organically grown products for 5 days resulted in a significant decrease in their body’s organophosphate levels.

One study looked at mothers who only ate organic foods, including dairy products, during pregnancy and lactation. After two years, the babies had a 36% lower risk of childhood eczema. Because eczema is sensitive to irritants, it may have eliminated the constant irritation from the pesticide load of conventional foods.


Let’s face it, conventional food is dangerous for you. We are laboratory rats for the food industry who work hand in hand with the FDA to bring new food additives to the store as quickly as possible. It is often only discovered that some additives are dangerous or cause health problems.

Conventional foods are associated with almost all health problems in the United States. From cardiovascular diseases to diabetes and cancer.

If you can choose organic, you may want to. If you can’t, try e