What Will Happen if You Eat 2 Bananas a Day

Despite their short shelf life, bananas are one of the most popular fruits worldwide. In fact, they are the fourth most important crop worldwide and are grown in at least 107 countries. With a sweet taste and an almost perfect natural portion size, bananas are ideal as a snack or as a supplement to a healthy meal. They also go well with ice just to say it.

You already know that bananas are an incredibly healthy food. Among other things, they are full of potassium, fiber, vitamin C and B6. Even the relatively high sugar concentration (approx. 14 g per banana) is mitigated by fiber, which corresponds to the speed with which this sugar gets into the bloodstream. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been shown to reduce the risk of many terrible diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

But when it comes to bananas, can there be too much good? Stay with us to find out what would happen if you ate two bananas every day. The news is mostly good, but there are some surprising reservations.

And maybe that’s obvious, but we recommend you eat some ice cream …

1. Two bananas – makes a big bump in your daily potassium IDR

Potassium plays several important roles in our body. It is used by every cell to generate the electrical charge necessary for life processes. Potassium is also involved in regulating blood pressure, stabilizing your heart rate, and triggering insulin release. When combined with sodium, potassium also controls the fluid level in your body.

Despite its importance, many of us do not consume enough potassium every day. The recommended daily allowance for potassium in healthy adults is in the range of 3,500 to 4,700 mg per day, and your actual needs will be determined by lifestyle and other factors. Two average sized bananas provide you with around 900 mg of potassium. This is a good place to start, but it won’t get you there. Additional sources of potassium are potatoes (white and sweet), watermelon, spinach, beets, white beans and tomato sauce.

2. Two bananas: Helps maintain healthy blood pressure

It is a balance of sodium and potassium that the kidneys use to control blood pressure by adjusting the fluid level in your body to suit external and internal requirements. Unfortunately, many of us consume too much sodium in our diet and do not have enough potassium. This can bring blood pressure to an unhealthy level.

On average, less than 2% of adults in the U.S. USA You reach your daily IDR for potassium, but eating two bananas a day will significantly lower your risk of high blood pressure.

3. Two bananas: Reduces the risk of cancer

Fruits and vegetables are a great way to lower your life-long cancer risk because they contain the essential vitamins and minerals you need without the addition of salt, sugar, or chemical preservatives (but watch out for pesticide residues in non-organic products).

Bananas have the added benefit of being rich in vitamin C, one of the most powerful antioxidants on the market. Antioxidants can bind and neutralize carcinogenic free radicals. It is also known that the fiber content of bananas specifically reduces the risk of colon cancer.

4. Two bananas: Improves heart health

Bananas contain many things that are particularly good for your heart. Studies on potassium have shown that people who receive at least 4,069 mg of potassium daily have a 49% lower risk of dying from ischemic heart disease than people who receive less than 1,000 mg. That is huge!

Aside from this surprising benefit, other nutrients in bananas can benefit heart health. Dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B6 form a strong little trio that keeps your ticker strong.

5. Two bananas: Relieves stomach upset

Bananas are very easy for your digestive system from start to finish. Potassium helps stabilize your body’s electrolyte balance, and fiber helps transport food through the digestive tract.

Bananas contain a type of soluble fiber called pectin that binds cholesterol and moderates glucose absorption by capturing carbohydrates during the digestive process. The ease with which the human body digests bananas is why they are particularly recommended for people who are recovering from a stomach virus.

6. Two bananas: They contain almost 30 g of sugar

Bananas are quite sweet and two of them contain more sugar than the recommended daily limit for most l