Best business loans schemes in Kerala 2020 – Loan

Do you need a loan to grow your business or open a new one? The following are some of the government’s commercial loan programs. You can choose one of them. Subsidies can also be up to 35% for Rs 1 Lakh, PMEGP, KESRU, Multipurpose Job Club, Kaivalya, Saranya.

This regulation applies to registered unemployed in Kerala. With this system, independent companies from the fields of industry, trade and services can be founded. This program is available to startups with very little investment.
Small bakeries, sewing centers, goat, cow and poultry farms, auto rickshaws and food and agricultural companies can be selected as part of this program. The application can be made to the employment agency or to the self-employed representative of the district employment office. Submit the application using the prescribed form, along with a copy of the project plan, ID, grocery card, property, plant and equipment, and a certificate of income from the village official.

Multipurpose Job Club Loans The loans apply to five joint ventures. At least two people can apply for a loan under this program. The maximum loan is Rs 10 lakh. 25% government subsidies. (Up to a maximum of Rs. 2 lakhs).

Saranya It is an exclusive social project for women. Widows, divorced women, women who missed their husbands, single mothers of registered tribes and registered tribes. Those who have a family income less than Rs. The system can also be used for single women after the age of 30. These projects can start up to Rs. The maximum allowance of Rs 25,000 would also be granted at 50 percent. The application can be made via the respective job exchange