kerala driving licence renewal (New Rules)

New driving license renewal rules in Kerala: The driving license rule was changed with the amendment to the Central Motor Vehicle Act. In addition, new penalties for traffic law violations have been introduced.

additional period of one month if the license has been delayed Now has been removed. The license must be renewed before the expiration date. Otherwise a fine of Rs. The penalties can be extended by up to one year. The license will be revoked after one year. To get a new license, you must complete the new licensing process, including the learning license. It takes at least 30 days.

Previously, it was renewed one month before the license expired. It’s been like this for a year. Extensions can be made up to one year before expiry. The reform takes five years.Update with expiration date. The license for vehicles used in hazardous areas has been increased from one year to three years.

Those living abroad are most affected by the one-month extension of benefits and the one-year extension of the renewed license. Most foreigners come to the country during the Onam Festival like Kerala. At this point, the automotive department was on vacation for several days and would not return without renewal. After a year or two, the fine was renewed. It’s no longer possible. The license is null.