1.5 lakh loan at 3% interest rate

After Kovid’s financial crisis in the country, many banks have announced various tools to their customers.The state government has also come to the aid of the people. Now the exiles are returning from abroad. So you have to find a new way of life.

The Kerala government has announced loan programs to help those who have lost their jobs and will not be able to return until they are covered.This gold mortgage loan is available through KSFE.Non residents are eligible for loans up to Rs 1 lakh. The interest rate is 3% for up to 4months and then the usual interest rate.

The government has decided to offer NORKA IDEA the same benefits. It will be a helping hand for expats facing financial difficulties. The government will soon issue application forms and other orders for this loan. Non-resident chitty members can earn up to 1.5 lakh. This service is also available through KSFE.