This is the best method to start poultry farming

Broiler chickens are still in demand, so farmers are looking to raise broilers. There are two ways to raise poultry: One is how we buy and raise chicks and sell them at market prices. This method would be good for newcomers to the area, as we only need to analyze the costs, cumulative charges, and other labor charges that the cage generates. The rest of the chickens are fed to the agency.

Those who have experienced agriculture say that the integration method is better because the risk is low and there are no losses associated with changing market prices.

It is available for Rs 7 per kg. Poultry, feed and medicine are available from the agency if there is a convenient and clean nest. The agency will also give you the vaccine to be administered on the seventh and fourteenth days, which we can mix in milk and water. In addition, the agency will give you a food system to pay for it.

The floor should be thoroughly cleaned before bringing in the chicken. First with soap and then with powdered bleach, spread the lime on the floor and put it on. The chicks will be delivered in a few days. First, the bulb must be heated for ten days. After 45 days of hatching, the poultry are transported. After this, clean the cage again, after which it will again give you the calf. Below is a video that explains this type of poultry farm and its methods.