Up to Rs Loan without interest

When it comes to people, they are more aware of the central government’s KCC loan available to them. All eligible applicants receive this service. The credit limit is Rs. The program will reach the public through commercial banks and other small banks in the state. Loans up to Rs 1.5 lakh are not committed and are short term loans. The aim of this project is to help people with financial difficulties to start something new.

The interest rate is 9%. However, the 5% interest is subsidized by the center. This benefit is available if interest payments are not withheld. This will help those who cultivate and wish to do so. This support is available for seeds, fertilizers and other purposes. Maximum of Rs. 100,000 / – without special obligation. A new order has been issued stating that the promises are sufficient to hand over the gold.

There are also advantages for aquaculture and beekeeping. The bank director is currently evaluating your farm and affairs and deciding on the amount. You can use your Kisan credit card to withdraw money from ATMs. If you want, you can request a tax certificate, a certificate of ownership, an Aadhaar card and information about the PAN card from a nearby bank. Contact the bank where the KCC loan is available.