The government will give 40% of the money for fish farming in the backyard.

40% of the government will help if they want to start their own fish farming. Here is a list of useful insights for those who want to start their own project. The Kerala government has provided for the Subhiksha Kerala. The project was designed to ensure food security in the context of Kovid 19. The state government is spending around 3 billion rupees on the project.

The program is named after the aquaculture in Pattukakulam in your home garden. The total cost is Rs 90,000 and 40% (Rs 36,000) is subsidized by various government institutions. 24,000 from the local government and Rs. 12,000 from the fisheries department. The fisheries department is responsible for the project. Monitoring is carried out by the Department of Local Autonomy (Panchayat / municipality).