Two Bedroom Attached 3 Bedroom Apartment for Rs House and plan

A house plan is a series of construction or work plans (sometimes called plans) that define all of the design specifications of a home, such as: B. Dimensions, materials, designs, methods and installation techniques.

Site plans are drawn to show the location of a house on the property in context. It is an aerial view of the construction site and the house as it relates to the boundaries of the property. Site plans must describe the location of utilities, kickback requirements, easements, the location of driveways and sidewalks, and sometimes even topographical data indicating the slope of the site.

A floor plan is an aerial view of the finished house. On the map you see parallel lines that are scaled to the width of the walls. The dimensions are generally drawn between the walls to determine the size of the rooms and the length of the walls. Floor plans also show rooms, all doors and windows as well as all built-in objects such as fittings, cupboards, water heaters, stoves etc. Floor plans contain information on specifying surfaces, construction methods or symbols for electrical elements. .

The elevations are a perspective view of the house. These are drawn to scale so that measurements can be carried out for every required aspect. Plans include front, back, and side views. The surveys indicate the height of the ridges, the positioning of the final sloping ground, the exterior surfaces, the roof pitches and other details required to give the house its architectural exterior style.