3 businesses that can start at Rs 1 lakh

Here’s a look at some of the big and affordable businesses.There are basically two things that we need to spend money on initially.The first is the cost of purchasing raw materials for starting a business.The other is the cost of marketing.

These are two major ones,but there are a lot of small costs besides these.One of the more difficult and costly things to do is marketing the product we make.So let’s get to know the 3 most viable businesses that can cost at least Rs.

The first is related to the business used goods.Most people avoid furniture or appliances,such as when changing the model or when they are slightly painted.These items can be made to look as good as new ones.

You can start your own business online with or without a home buyer in a professional manner.There are a lot of people who are doing this online marketing, and digital marketing can be done.