850 Sq Ft 3BHK Two; Storey House and Free Plan-(Cost 11 Lacks)

Total Area : 850 Square Feet
Base Quality : 11 Lacks
Premium Quality : 14 Lacks

Ground Floor : 474 Square Feet
Sit out
Living cum dining hall
1 Bedroom with attached bathroom

First Floor : 376 Square Feet
Upper living area
2 Bedroom with attached bathroom
Open terrace

Then youcan have this anabsolutely stunning elevation of a contemporary house design.Both the floors coves an area of a850 square feet &accommodate 3bedrooms along with 3attached bathrooms.

There is also a living room, dining room and a spacious kitchen. The first floor extends over 376 square meters and includes 2 bedrooms with an attached bathroom, upper living room and open terrace.

It doesn’t have many imaginary columns, and the few present are sometimes designed with a unique design that can even be seen on the walls next to the front door and the window on the first floor.

The slightly protruding, unique low ceiling is undeniably beautiful. This design can also be seen in the curtains of the exterior windows, which reinforces the distinctive design of this house.

Inspired by modern architecture, the house has no visible curves. It is not only cheap, but also very charming for a two-story house.

The lower level extends over 474 square meters and houses 1 bedroom with an attached bathroom combination.