The Government of Kerala will provide calves

Cow Swords is an initiative that the common man can start at home.The Government of Kerala has devised a scheme to provide cow babies for Rs.

Those who wish to apply can apply online at home. Application is available through the official website of the Department of Animal Husbandry, The home page of the Kerala Animal Husbandry Department is now open.

There are many options at the top of the home page,click on the“Where To Get” option.Now you can see a new page is open,where there will be a number of projects (chickens,heifers,pigs,rabbits,ducks, puppies).Information on district-wise access is available here.

Animals such as goats,rabbits,pigs, cows and cows are also available,depending on their age and weight.From here we can get information about the availability of the animal.