Too Many Nuts and Seeds and This Can Happen

A lot is said in the media today about the health value of nuts and seeds. Food is believed to do everything possible to help you lose weight and protect yourself from cancer. Now it is true that nuts and seeds have a high density of critical vitamins and minerals. And even though they’re high in fat, they’re mostly healthy unsaturated fats that can help lower cholesterol and fight heart disease.

However, there can definitely be too much good when it comes to seeds and nuts, and this level is easy to achieve and surpass. The effects of excess are uncomfortable in the short term and frankly dangerous in the long term. Let’s take a look at what’s happening. Some of them deny the reason why you choose nuts and seeds at all!

Weight gain

Many studies suggest that eating nuts and seeds can help you lose weight. And you can, but only in very limited quantities and in conjunction with a full diet and exercise program. Walnuts are particularly high in fat, and although most fat is unsaturated, it’s still high in calories. If you eat too many nuts, you will surely gain weight rather than lose weight.

If you plan to add nuts or seeds to your weight loss plan, it’s important to make up for it by reducing the amount of calories you eat elsewhere. This is not one of those healthy snacks that you can forget about without spoiling your diet.

In this case, it depends on how you eat your nuts and seeds. If they’re raw and salt-free, they may help lower blood pressure. However, most are salty to improve the taste. Many of us are already eating too much salt, which in combination with potassium generally regulates the fluid balance in our body. If this critical balance is not right, blood pressure rises.

It’s best to eat varieties without salt, but if you’re careful about your sodium intake, you can cheat a little by choosing unsalted nuts or seeds and adding a little salt at home. It is certainly less than the packaged product. Another great strategy is to season your seeds or nuts with herbs such as Italian seasoning or chili powder to improve the flavor without sodium.

There are various elements in nuts and seeds that negatively affect your digestion. For starters, the fat content can lead to diarrhea. The high fiber content can also contribute to this condition or cause a lot of gas and gas. However, nuts and seeds also have a defense mechanism that makes them very difficult to digest.

Certain compounds, particularly phytic acid and tannin, allow seeds and nuts to migrate through the system of a relatively undigested animal. This gives the seeds the best chance of survival to eventually germinate. It can also make the dining room, in this case you, quite uncomfortable.